Video: American shoots a cyclist in the streets of Mexico and flees

Moment when an American shoots a cyclist in the streets of Mexico and flees.

Photo: Security cameras / Courtesy

The State Investigation Police (PEI) ofhad a man of American origin aka the Gringo after he shoots a Mexican cyclist in the Historic Center of Merida, capital of the state of Michoacán in Mexico.

In the recording you can see the exact moment in which the cyclist exchange a few words with the crew of a truck and after several seconds, One of the occupants, presumably the American, fires a firearm against the young man identified as Pablo “N”, who falls wounded, while the aggressor is seen fleeing in the truck.

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According to reports at the scene, the The aggressor’s arrest was achieved by executing a search warrant on a property on 70th Street between 73 and 75, a few steps from the place where the events occurred.

It was unofficially reported that in the place the authorities located the truck in which the Gringo was traveling and possibly responsible for attacking Pablo “N”.

The arrest took place hours after the video was released, which was extracted from a surveillance camera of a nearby house, in which the moment in which he shoots his victim with a pistol on the street located in the middle of heart of Merida.

Given what happened and how the events happened, the local Ministry of Public Security (SSP) issued a statement where it discards that the event has to do with organized crime.

Meanwhile, the attacked young man is in a hospital where he is reported seriously, but not the reasons why the Gringo shot him.

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