VIDEO: Andrés García confesses that he had an affair with José José’s ex, Anel Noreña

The story of the “Prince of the Song”, José José, She does not stop being involved in the scandal even though it has been more than two years since her death, because her addictions, romances and controversial decisions do not stop.

Proof of this were the recent statements of the Mexican cinema gallant, Andres Garcia who through a new video on his YouTube account revealed one of his best kept secrets.

The actor pointed out that during his youth he had several relationships with various women, since it was not easy for them to put up with his way of thinking about relationships.

Whoever was the most coveted heartthrob of the 80’s pointed out that among the women he conquered and even fell in love with was Anel Noreña, José José’s ex, with whom she had a fleeting relationship, although it also seems that he ended up being the cupid between her and José José.

“In my relationships, I do not agree to keep the woman persecuted and watched over what she does and where she goes. When you leave the house, what you do is up to you, when I leave, what I do is up to me.a “, said the actor of the ficheras cinema.

After those statements about Anel Noreña, He also described the heir to the famous singer as a very beautiful woman, and asked her to better introduce him to his friend, José José, because he is the man she would marry.

“She told me: Look, daddy, you have hundreds of women, and I have a great time with you, but I want a man for myself. I would like you to introduce me to a friend of yours who interests me and that I know that I am going to get hold of him and that I am going to marry him ”.

Andres Garcia mentioned that everything happened when the career of the ‘Prince of Song’: “Orale, as long as you are happy, I will present it to you”He said, although he acknowledged that at first everything did not go well, as the singer married Kiki Herrera.

Some time later Anel looked for him again: “I want you to get closer to José again because I know that I will tie the relationship again.”

The famous actor of the “Privilege of Loving” explained that by then about 10 years had passed and José José was doing a show at La Terraza Casino, he came in the company of the actress and put them back together, which happened from there in ahead is already known history.