Video: Andrés Guardado was bottled to make fun of the aggression against Joan Jordán at Betis-Sevilla

Football player Mexican Andres Guardado generated a lot of controversy after Betis’ victory over Sevilla (2-1) in the round of 16 of the Copa del Rey. The Mexican gave himself a bottle and threw himself onto the grass in what seemed like a mockery of the aggression suffered by Joan Jordán, a Sevilla player, in the same match.

Guarda celebrated with his teammates the victory and the classification to the quarterfinals. He had a bottle of water in his hand, which was intentionally launched to simulate the assault on Joan Jordán. He then threw himself to the ground while his companions laughed.

Joan Jordan was hit by a bar on the head that fell from the stands in the game, which began this Saturday, had to be postponed and resumed this Sunday.

The Mexican midfielder defended himself on social networks, pointing out that he never made fun of Jordán, who suffered a head injury.

I want to clarify that at no time am I making fun of Jordan. An event has been experienced that should not be experienced on a football field and that is unfortunate and a shameSaved wrote.

However, after seeing the images of his action, it seems difficult to believe the Mexican, who undoubtedly increased the tension between Betis and Red and Whites even more. And above did it twice. Classic hotter than ever.