VIDEO: Ángela Aguilar confesses what she needs to become an actress like her grandmother, Doña Flor Silvestre

The so-called “Princess of the Mexican Regional”, Angela Aguilar He proudly embraces the musical legacy of his family, his grandfather was the iconic Antonio Aguilar, a Mexican singer, his grandmother was the singer and actress Flor Silvestre and his father, Pepe Aguilarnow she and her brother Leonardo continue the story in the musical ranchera.

“My grandmother once told me that each song is a story and you have to tell each song as if it were a story”says Ángela at the beginning of her website, referring to the importance of Flor Silvestre in her personal and artistic life.

In the video that she regularly uploads to her official YouTube account entitled “Ángela Aguilar Mi Vlog 96 – Mi PRIMER Concierto En La ARENA CDMX (Part 1)”, she reveals some details about the development of her career, He also confesses that several artists are recording the songs he composes and that collaborations are on the way.

But one of the most surprising statements is the answer to whether you see yourself doing other things alongside music, such as actingan activity that her grandmother Flor Silvestre carried out at some point.

“I think that since I was little I have demanded a lot of myself and I always try to do my best, if I am going to act, I have a lot of respect for acting because my grandmother did it and she did it very well”declared the 18-year-old.

One of the things you mentioned that you need to do before you’re in front of the cameras is to prepare, She pointed out that she would only accept to be part of a project if she first enters courses or workshops where she is prepared to do it in the best way.

“I would need like many classes, I would need to learn a lot, there is no way I would misuse the last name”Angela Aguilar

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