Video: Another angle of the moment in which a bull crosses a spectator’s chest and back in Las Corralejas

Tragedy during the second day of the Colombian corralejas.

Photo: Capture taken from the video of @ColombiaOscura / Courtesy

In social networks a new video circulates of the attack of a bull to a spectator of the second day of the corralejas in Colombia, now you can see the moment he receives a goring to the heart, the images are strong and have already gone viral.

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The recording was made by another person in the audience who captured the 34 seconds, the four turns in the air and each goring that the bull gives to a man who lost his life instantly, amid the shouts of the crowd: “Look, look, he killed him. ”

In a video that previously circulated, it is appreciated that the deceased tried to catch some sweets that were thrown from the boxes, when he was surprised by the bull, although he was taken to an ambulance, the paramedics could do little due to the severity of the injuries .

What are corralejas?

These are the brave festivals held annually in the towns of the Atlantic coast of Colombia, in which the most relevant is the bullfight, a tradition that has been criticized in recent years by animal rights defenders and the tragedies they cause.

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