Video: Anuel AA begs Karol G in full concert to return to him

Anuel AA – Photo: Rodrigo Varela / Getty Images

Love between Anuel AA Y Karol G seemed to have finished, but it is the reggaeton who continues to long for his loss and seems willing to fight to get her back.

This is how the artist recently let it be seen when he took advantage of his participation in a concert at the Baja Beach Festival, in Mexico, to show how interested he is in returning back with the Colombian and in front of the public he declared his love again.

It was during his performance of “Bubalu”, a heartbreak theme that talks about the regret of losing a partner, the moment he made a tremendous hint: “But I did not know how to value you, baby I did you wrong”, he sang and then asked the audience to raise their voices for Karol G.

“Everybody really hard, let’s see if Karol listens to it and comes back to me. Let it be heard on the moon!,” he shouted.

Several of his followers continue with the slight hope that they can return and although neither of them has officially rebuilt their lives, we now know that Anuel AA seeks a reconciliation with her.

The singers met during the recording of the video “Culpables” at the beginning of 2018, since then rumors that they were having an affair broke out, until months later they confirmed their love with a kiss on stage.

After two years of relationship, they made their love break official to end the talk about an alleged infidelity by Anuel.