VIDEO: Anuel AA sleeps with Karol G’s image by his side

Facing social media ire, Anuel AA's attempts to win back Karol G are a trend. Fans speculate the motives behind his display of affection.

Anuel AA and Karol G formed one of the favorite couples of the urban genre, that’s why the announcement of their breakup in 2021 generated great uproar among fans who now launch strong criticism on social networks of the Puerto Rican singer due to his desperate attempts to regain the love of “La Bichota”. Like the most recent one in which he is shown sleeping next to a portrait he got from the public during one of his concerts.

The Puerto Rican singer sparked controversy after sharing a message on his Instagram account. He dedicated his most recent song, “Mejor que yo,” to Karol G, showing his feelings for the Colombian singer. In turn, she has not made any statements about her ex-partner. However, as an apparent response, she deleted her photographs of their relationship on her social networks.

Anuel AA receives criticism for his "obsession" with Karol G. Photo: IG @anuel
Anuel AA receives criticism for his “obsession” with Karol G. Photo: IG @anuel

Despite the criticism he has received, Anuel AA shared a new series of images in which he shows the gift he received during his concert in Mexico and which consists of a t-shirt with the image of the interpreter of “Mañana será bonito,” same that he uses to accompany him in his bed while he tries to fall asleep. “Thanks for the shirt. Stop doing this to me because I get sentimental,” he wrote.

T-shirt with Karol G’s image on Anuel’s bed

Strategy or true love?

Anuel AA has also lashed out against Feid, Karol G’s alleged boyfriend, by claiming that he was the one who blocked him from Instagram because of the messages he sends her during her concerts and out of jealousy. So far, neither of the singers has made a statement on the matter, and users on social networks claim that it could be a strategy to increase their popularity.

In an interview for Alofoke Radio Show, the singer was asked if he still missed Karol G for the song he dedicated to her: “I don’t talk about my personal life, but the song has no crying pianos, the song is for chin***, to party at the disco.”

“You do want to make money, I can tell. It can’t be”, “You’re the ex that nobody would like to have, “It’s not funny anymore, it’s depressing,” “Stop being annoying, Anuel distress,” “Get some medication,” “Rest now,” “It’s scary” and “Anuel, go to the psychologist,” are some of the comments the singer has received in his photos shared on Instagram.

Anuel AA dedicates his new song to Karol G. Photo: IG @anuel
Anuel AA dedicates his new song to Karol G. Photo: IG @anuel