Video: April drama in Veracruz: Yeri Mua’s boyfriend, Naim Darrechi, arrested again

Yeri Mua defends Naim Darrechi after his Veracruz arrest, pays 5,187 pesos for his release amid accusations of illicit substance possession.

Yeri Mua – 20 years old – is again in the middle of controversy. Her current boyfriend, Naim Darrechi, was arrested in Veracruz. The events occurred during the early hours of Wednesday, April 12, 2023. The video of the moment of the arrest was disseminated through social networks.

Naim Darrechi a 21-year-old TikToker who recently achieved great notoriety because he started a relationship with Yeri Mua.

So, as her arrest started going viral, social media users went against Yeri Mua.

It would not be the first time that her beloved boyfriend had been involved in a controversy with the law.

It should be remembered that Naim Darrechi was accused in Spain of sexual abuse.

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Yeri Mua and Naim Darrechi (Yerimua / Taken from video).

This was the moment of Naim Darrechi’s arrest in Veracruz.

Amid the controversy over the arrest of Naim Darrechi, the moment in which the authorities arrested Yeri Mua’s boyfriend and a friend was broadcast.

Through a video shared on TikTok, you can see when the police arrive, and Yeri Mua tries to calm down the situation.

However, Naim Darrechi has a defiant attitude and tries to talk to the police, but having his behavior Yeri Mua tries to prevent things from getting out of control.

Despite his attempts, Yeri Mua did not prevent Naim Darrechi and his friend from being arrested.

How much did Yeri Mua pay to get Naim Darrechi out of jail after committing an administrative offense?

During the controversy over Naim Darrechi’s arrest, Yeri Mua made a video where she appeared with her boyfriend.

Throughout her transmission, Yeri Mua tried to defend her boyfriend and assured everyone that he was only detained for an administrative offense.

Yeri Mua showed the record where she could see the reason for his detention and the fine the influencer had to pay.

For Naim Darrechi to go free, Yeri Mua paid 5 thousand 187 pesos. After her transmission, users criticized the influencer for being proud to see her partner arrested.

Users pointed out that it was unbelievable how Yeri Mua was encouraging criminal acts because it had not been a serious situation. She could not brag about it that way.

“Yeri que pena que sientas orgullo como si un logro hubieran hecho mejor piensa bien lo que haces”, “Yeri la cárcel es lo peos que le puede pasar a una persona, aun cuando no sea algo fuerte”, “Y se quejaba del mantenido”, “Le pago la peda, la droga y hasta la multa jaja puro mantenido”, were some of the messages she received.

Why was Naim Darrechi detained in Veracruz? Yeri Mua was also present

According to some media reports, Naim Darrechi and a friend were detained for possessing illicit substances.

In the videos that have begun to circulate, it can be seen that Yeri Mua was also present when police officers approached them.

From what can be seen in the photos of the alleged detainees, in the background, there are logos of the Secretariat of the Navy, Public Security, and Boca del Río Municipal Police.

For their part, the authorities in Veracruz have not released any further details.

What does Yeri Mua have to say regarding the arrest of her boyfriend, Naim Darrechi?

Yeri Mua kept taking the situation as if it were a joke, as she just made fun of the alleged arrest of her boyfriend, Naim Darrechi.

And since a few hours ago, the influencer did not stop posting on all her social networks the phrase “Si tú supieras, chiquito, si tú supieras” (If you knew, little boy, if you knew).

In addition, on her Twitter account, she made publications in this regard but without addressing it in any detail.

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Yeri Mua tweeting about the arrest of Naim Darrechi (Twitter | Screenshot)

For now, Yeri Mua said via Instagram that he would do a live broadcast from Facebook to tell what happened.

Because apparently, “it was already getting out of control.”

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Yeri Mua promises to tell what happened to Naim Darrechi in Veracruz (Instagram | Screenshot)