VIDEO: Arturo Carmona assures that Luis Miguel affected his romance with Aracely Arámbula

The Mexican actor, Arturo Carmona He has been one of the most sought-after soap operas in recent years, as he has not only conquered the hearts of his followers, but also some famous ones, such as Alicia Villarreal. But he also had a very famous affair with Aracely Arambula, the ex-partner of Luis Miguel.

Now the actor has decided to break the silence and give details about his relationship with “La Chule”, as well as his role as stepfather to the actress’s children. It is not a secret that this courtship was overshadowed by the figure of “The Sun”.

Carmona revealed that the relationship began after they met in the play “Perfume de Gardenias.” They began to live together more frequently and there was even a special relationship with the actress’s children. He revealed that the courtship began in Sonora during the tour of the play.

“Yes, we were a couple, we were boyfriends. We make “Perfume de Gardenia”, she is Gardenia, I am the villain of the story, we live together a lot. We began to live together. We became boyfriends in Sonora precisely on tour (…) We saw each other very often, practically every day, I had a very beautiful relationship with the children “, said the former soccer player.

However, he also confessed that he had to endure the fact that Araceli hid their romance even though they had been dating for more than a year. He added that he never had a problem with Luis Miguel seeing his children, but when it was “La Chule ”’s turn, she stayed at the singer’s house.

“I was already very tired of many things, I was even offended (…) I applauded that she caused the father to see his children, what I did not understand is that she went and stayed right there, it did not beat me. What I did at the time, without having the economic part that he has, is to go where my daughter was and stay in a hotel ”.

He did not marry because he had a daughter

According to Arturo Carmona himself, he had a formal relationship with the actress, host and model Jaqueline Bracamontes, the actor also gave details about how his relationship with Guadalajara began.

And it is that Carmona revealed that since he was in “Big Brother” he said that Jacky Bracamontes made him very pretty and that he liked her, so in his first job as an actor he had to do a kiss scene with her and since then there was a special click between the two, until the relationship occurred.

The courtship between Bracamontes and Carmona was formal, so much so that according to the ex-footballer they were already looking for a house in Guadalajara and even thought of getting married, but something happened that prevented them from fulfilling this dream.

And it is that the conservative family of Jacky would have made the actress change her mind because Arturo Carmona assures that the mother of the also model advised her not to be with him, since he came from a failed marriage and also has a daughter.

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