VIDEO: Arturo Carmona denies romance with “La Bebeshita” and she shows evidence in full transmission

the mexican actor Arthur Carmona He denied that he was dating Dany Alexis, better known as “La Bebeshita”, in fact, he assured that he does not know her. However, the driver “Come the Weekend Joy” showed evidence of the conversation between her and Aracely Arámbula’s ex-boyfriend.

During the broadcast of the “Venga la Alegría” program, he broadcast an interview with the actor “SOS I’m falling in love” where he was asked about his current sentimental life and specifically about the TV Azteca and MasterChef Junior morning host. The soap opera star indicated that he does not know the young woman and clarified that he is a lonely person, but that he is not closed to love either..

“The baby girl? No, I don’t have the pleasure of meeting her and until now I don’t even know who she is, with all due respect. I’m used to rumours. I’ve hated something from MasterChef, but I can’t place it “said Carmona, who assured that he is not one of the men who deny their partners, but insisted that he has not dated the influencer and presenter of Tv Azteca.

Given Carmona’s statements, “La Bebeshita” was surprised and answered very annoyed that she had dated the soap opera actor. She clarified that, although they are not boyfriends, they have given each other “kisses” I have gone to public places, for which she said that she is very surprised with the attitude that Alicia Villarreal’s ex-husband also took.

“We went out from time to time, it wasn’t every day, because we were just getting to know each other, we weren’t dating, but it’s one thing for you to say ‘yes, I’m getting to know her, we’re friends’ something like that, ‘we’re getting to know each other to see what happens’, and another thing is ‘I don’t know nor do I know her’”


in this show, Daniela Alexis showed before the cameras the conversation she had with Arturo through private messages on social networksalthough he did not give details of the content of the talk, he did show that photos and videos were sent, so he showed that the Televisa actor does know her.

“La Bebeshita” admitted that she was excited about Arturo Carmona: “he broke my heart”said. Finally, he speculated that the actor denied it because he is surely dating other he indicated that just last night, he argued with him, because he saw him with someone else.

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