VIDEO: At least 12 dead and more than 200 injured left by a toxic gas explosion in a Jordanian port

The container was carrying a toxic substance.

Photo: Photo by -/AFP / AFP / Getty Images

At least 12 people died and more than 200 were injured after an explosion caused by a toxic gas leak in the port of Aqaba, Jordan.

According to local media, a team of specialists in hazardous materials carried out maneuvers to try to contain the leak.

In accordance with The world from Spain, people who were at the scene and who decided to speak on condition of anonymity, stated that the container fell from a ship in the southern area of ​​the evacuated port.

Minister of State for Media Affairs Faisal Shboul told local media that medical teams had been sent to Aqaba to treat the large number of intoxicated people.

Haj Hassan told state media Al-Mamlaka that an “iron rope carrying a container with a toxic substance broke, causing the toxic substance to fall and leak.”

After a few hours, the Jordanian authorities stated that the situation was already “under control” in the port of Aqaba.