VIDEO: Audi Goes Airborne and Lands Atop Diana Cazadora Iconic Fountain in Mexico City

Four passengers in the Audi, including a 45-year-old driver, suffered varied injuries from the crash at the Diana Cazadora fountain.

In an extraordinary scene, an Audi SUV crashed into the iconic Diana Cazadora fountain in Mexico City early Saturday morning. The white Audi Q5 was traveling along Paseo de la Reforma when it hit the fountain’s base and became airborne, landing atop the concrete structure.

Emergency services rushed to the scene after the crash was reported around 2:40 am local time. Firefighters, paramedics, and police attended to help extract the vehicle’s occupants and stabilize the precariously perched Audi.

Four Injured As Car Defies Gravity

According to officials, four people were in the Audi at the time of the crash – three men and one woman. The woman complained of severe neck pain and was transported to hospital for treatment. The male driver, aged 45, was also hospitalized under police custody. The other two men had minor injuries.

Incredibly, despite the gravity-defying stunt, the Audi only sustained damage to its front end. After stabilizing the scene, firefighters used a crane to carefully lift the wayward vehicle off its concrete plinth and lower it to the ground. The car was later taken away for examination as part of an ongoing investigation.

Firefighters helped to lower the truck from the monument. Photo: Twitter, @Bomberos_CDMX
Firefighters helped to lower the truck from the monument. Photo: Twitter, @Bomberos_CDMX

Memorial Fountain Unharmed in Bizarre Crash

The Diana Cazadora fountain memorializes the Roman goddess Diana and her hunting dogs. The iconic sculpture sits in the middle of a large traffic circle along the grand Paseo de la Reforma thoroughfare.

Fortunately, despite the bizarre crash, the fountain itself was undamaged. The Audi came to rest delicately balanced on the structure’s edge. After the recovery operation, Diana Cazadora remained tall, and the water flowed as usual.

The cause of the crash is still under investigation. Police will look into whether speed or intoxication played a role. Mexico City has issues with both drunk driving and high speeds on major roads like Reforma.

Social Media Amazed by Gravity-Defying Crash

As footage of the teetering SUV spread on social media, the bizarre incident quickly went viral. The unbelievable images of a car parked atop a fountain sparked endless jokes and memes.

Many users made light of the gravity-defying stunt, referencing films like Fast and Furious, where cars take implausible flights. Creative montages added ramps or rockets to the scene. Others took a more serious note, using the viral moment to highlight issues around Mexico City’s road safety.

Diana Cazadora, a Mexico City Icon

The Diana Cazadora roundabout and fountain has long been an iconic Mexico City landmark. The triangular sculpture of the hunting goddess Diana has presided over the busy traffic circle since 1942.

Diana Cazadora was designed by Mexican architect Luis Ortiz Monasterio. The marble statue is a well-known meeting point and site for celebrations and protests.

Fortunately, this beloved monument has survived its strange encounter with the wayward Audi intact. The investigation into the unusual crash continues. Mexico City residents are just thankful the fountain wasn’t damaged, only somewhat startled by a wayward SUV in the early morning hours.