Video: Bigfoot Sighting From Train Between Durango And Silverton In Southwest Colorado

Shannon and Stetson Parker capture footage of a large bipedal figure in southwest Colorado, reigniting Bigfoot discussions.

A video recently captured by a couple on vacation in Colorado is sparking renewed interest and debate over the existence of Bigfoot. Shannon and Stetson Parker claim to have spotted a large, hairy, bipedal creature while riding a sightseeing train in southwest Colorado earlier this month.

The Parkers were traveling on the historic narrow gauge rail line from Durango to Silverton on October 8 when they say they saw the creature moving on a distant mountainside. Stetson Parker initially noticed the animal and exclaimed, “Bigfoot!” while Shannon Parker quickly started recording a video on her phone.

The 33-second video shows a dark, bulky figure ambling down a hillside before stopping and sitting down. The creature appears to be covered in dark fur and is estimated to be at least 6-7 feet tall based on comparing it to the surrounding trees.

Video Draws Skepticism and Intrigue

Since being posted online, the video has unsurprisingly drawn both skepticism and intrigue. Bigfoot, also known as Sasquatch, is a mythical ape-like creature that has been part of American folklore for centuries. Thousands of alleged sightings have occurred, primarily in the Pacific Northwest, but physical evidence has always been lacking.

Many commenters think the video shows a hunter in camouflage or is an outright hoax. Shannon Parker contends that it did not look like a person in disguise due to the way it moved and the lack of any weapons. The train conductor also told the Parkers that he had seen large, unexplained footprints while hiking in the area previously.

Other commenters seem more open to the possibility. Colorado has a history of Bigfoot accounts, including a famous 1967 video purportedly showing one in the San Juan Mountains. The Rocky Mountains provide a plausible habitat for such a creature. While inconclusive, the video is clear enough to be intriguing.

Bigfoot’s Enduring Popularity in American Folklore

Bigfoot remains one of the most famous icons of American folklore. Stories of large, hairy, man-like beasts roaming the forests can be traced back centuries before the term “Bigfoot” emerged in the 1950s.

Native American tribes have extensive legends of equivalent creatures by names like Sasquatch and Skookum. Large mysterious footprints found in California in the late 19th century garnered widespread interest. In 1951, a logging crew in Washington came forward with plaster casts of massive footprints they discovered, kicking off the modern era of Bigfoot.

Since then, Bigfoot has become ingrained in American culture. The massive wood-dwelling beast strikes a chord through being elusive, powerful, and tied to the wilderness. The search for Bigfoot encompasses elements of adventure, mystery, and the unknown. While many sightings are dubious or mistaken, the lack of hard evidence keeps hope alive that these legendary creatures could exist in the remote forests of the Pacific Northwest and beyond.


The Patterson-Gimlin Film

The most iconic evidence for Bigfoot remains the short film shot by Roger Patterson and Robert Gimlin in northern California in 1967. Their 16mm footage shows a large, hairy bipedal figure walking through a clearing. Some experts have judged its gait and musculature as beyond the ability of a human to replicate.

Skeptics have deemed the film a hoax carried out by Patterson and Gimlin to promote their Bigfoot research. Analyses over the years have failed to conclusively prove or disprove the film’s authenticity. Most scientists remain highly doubtful, though some allow that it could conceivably show a real unknown primate. The Patterson-Gimlin film demonstrates the enduring fascination and frustration of the Bigfoot legend.

Recent Sightings and Research

In addition to possible Bigfoot activity in Colorado, there have been several other noteworthy reports in recent years. In 2021, a woman in Washington captured video of an unidentified creature on a wildlife camera placed in her backyard. The figure appears to be crouching behind a shed, leading to comparisons with the famous Patterson-Gimlin footage.

Organizations like the Bigfoot Field Researchers Organization collect and investigate sighting reports across North America. They provide a forum for enthusiasts to share experiences, conduct field research, and lobby for scientific recognition of the possibility of an undiscovered primate.

Some scientists are open to the idea of an unknown North American ape, though the evidence remains sparse. Wildlife DNA surveys have yet to produce genetic samples of an anomalous primate. Most alleged Bigfoot traces, like hair samples and footprints, have proven inconclusive or hoaxes upon analysis. Without a body, the majority of the scientific community remains highly skeptical.

The Enduring Mystery

The recent video from Colorado adds to the enormous body of anecdotal Bigfoot evidence accumulated over the decades. Like previous sighting reports, it seems unlikely to break the enduring stalemate over the creature’s existence.

For those who believe, it joins the Patterson-Gimlin film as potential proof of these legendary beasts. For skeptics, it is easily dismissed as a misidentification or hoax without more detailed analysis.

The sheer number of persistent Bigfoot accounts argues there is something going on, whether a real animal or simply human psychology and folklore. Until indisputable evidence surfaces, the forests will continue to hold an aura of mystery and unknown possibilities in the minds of those who want to believe.