VIDEO: Carín León says ‘Latinos are fashionable in the United States’

The regional music singer, Carin Leon, spoke exclusively for La Opinion, about the collaboration he made thanks to Amazon Prime with country music star Walker Hayes, with whom he assures he made a great synergy because the Mexican genre and the country genre have too many similarities, something that undoubtedly opens borders.

“It is strange that it had not occurred to someone to do this type of work before, but if I understand that sometimes they are very closed and hermetic music, that is why we know the great responsibility that this type of collaboration entails, because it is an opportunity to bring out the breed and show what we are made of, but with the plus of doing what we like, maintaining the seal that characterizes us ”.

Both León and Hayes recorded a song that will be part of a list called Whiskey and Tequila, which brings together the most outstanding of both genres from both Mexico and the United States, and will be available on the Amazon Music platform, where the effort of these singers who are beginning to be references in their respective countries can be seen reflected.

“I have not thought about making a 100 percent country album, but I can tell you that since my first release I have shown the influence of this genre in my albums, since it has a lot of similarity with regional music, in addition to that I have noticed that people like it, and at this moment they are very willing to listen to new proposals ”.

For the Northerner, the COVID-19 pandemic helped the public to be more open to the new but it was also a double-edged sword, because now they have become more demanding.

“Without a doubt, people are now more open, and this collaboration is undoubtedly a watershed, what I see the most is that Latin rhythms, like Latin itself, are in fashion, and that helps the music and us, already that the Latino community means party, having a good time, and also songs that can take you from sadness to happiness, and vice versa, that is invaluable ”.

This is not the only project of the Mexican with the American interpreter, as he assures that the famous streaming platform has more surprises for lovers of these genres, since their collaboration has become something unique and that every day the taste is gained more of the public.