Video: Carolina Sandoval fights her anxiety by turning her bedroom into a sanctuary

Carolina Sandoval ‘The Poisonous’.

Photo: Rodrigo Varela/Getty Images

The Venezuelan presenter Carolina ‘La Veneno’ Sandoval48 years old, she is still very excited about her new housewhich has been decorating little by little to inject its own style and essence.

Since his move, which happened just a few weeks ago, Nick Hernández’s wife has made her fans accomplices in this new stage of her life and now she invited them to see her bedroom, if that’s what you can call her sanctuary.

Through a video, lasting just under five minutes and broadcast on her social networks, the former Telemundo talent showed us the favorite places in her bedroom, although we still owed her closet and her bathroom.

His room, which has a large bed with a base and headboard in a shade of blue, is striking because its walls are decorated with wallpaper that simulates a forest full of beautiful treesbecause Carolina wanted that in that important little corner all that there was was peace and harmony to deal with her anxiety problems.

A forest wallpaper gives a unique touch to your bedroom (Carolina Sandoval/Instagram)
A forest wallpaper gives a unique touch to your bedroom (Carolina Sandoval/Instagram)

“I feel so happy with my wallpaper design, as a little girl because I have my own forest, my corner, a space of harmony, love and atypical of the conventional,” wrote the mother of Bárbara Camila and Amalia Victoria.

The bedroom is completed by a couple of bedside tables, a chandelier and a spectacular swing, in which Carolina Sandoval can swing when anxiety or stress invade her.

Carolina Sandoval equipped her bedroom with a swing (Carolina Sandoval/Instagram)
Carolina Sandoval equipped her bedroom with a swing (Carolina Sandoval/Instagram)

Another point to highlight about her sanctuary is that it does not have a television, since the presenter wants to work on her mental health and have a better rest.

“I dreamed of taking the TV out of my room, among other things, to have my room as a sanctuary and, without a doubt, I thank my husband for supporting me in the idea,” wrote ‘La Veneno’, who was more than satisfied with the work done in his room and with the support provided by his family.

To see the video of her bedroom decoration, click here.

In addition to showing off her sanctuary, Carolina Sandoval has also shown us the Amalia Victoria’s bedroomthe smallest member of his family.

Her room was decorated with a pink wallpaper that incorporated all kinds of elements, such as princesses, Baby Jodas, Barbies, books, pets, among others.

Not only Amalia Victoria, Carolina Sandoval also really enjoyed decorating the bedroom (Carolina Sandoval/Instagram)

To see the decoration of Amalia Victoria’s room, click here.

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