Video: Carolina Sandoval shamelessly sheds her gown in front of her fans

Carolina Sandoval. Photo: Gustavo Caballero / Getty Images

Photo: Gustavo Caballero / Getty Images

Carolina Sandoval He has paralyzed his Instagram account after he published a video for his fans where, without any modesty, he took off his bathrobe to reveal that he was only wearing a girdle underneath.

The Venezuelan has left everyone shocked because with her singular joy that characterizes her, she has spread her good vibes and humor to bring a pleasant moment to her admirers, without leaving aside her flirtatious side.

Just got up and out of bed is that he has been seen in the images that he has published on his account, with a towel on his head and a white coat is that he has been shown jumping everywhere and advising his followers to get up in a good mood and not let anything make them smile.

But while doing this, at another time is that he has opened his robe leaving many shocked, because without shame he shines in a black girdle that can barely contain his charms, and then proceed to try on various garments, until he has chosen the one that best suits you.

Another fabulous Expensive Tips to cheer you up is to try on clothes that make you happy and remind you how great or wonderful you are inside and out …”, He expressed under the publication.

Of course, his followers are already more than used to the eccentricities of “The Queen of the Girdle”So they have not stopped praising his good vibes and joy.

That’s how Caro is beautiful with that energy“,”You are my favorite because of your charisma, you make my day with witticisms“Some users of the social network have written to him in his post, which has already accumulated more than 55 thousand reproductions.

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