Video: Carolina Sandoval shows off her bedroom and other rooms in her new home

The Venezuelan presenter Caroline Sandoval48, recently shared a series of videos of his new house, which draws attention for all the amenities that it has for the enjoyment of Amalia Victoria, her youngest daughterbut also because of its size and its distribution.

Until now, it has only shown us a few aspects of the garden area, including its resort-style pool and children’s play area, which is highlighted by its three-story dollhouse.

He has also already shown us his kitchen, his dining room, his main room, his television room and even his new bedroom, with some rooms still to be discovered.


The residence, located somewhere in the state of Florida, has a kitchen equipped with a coffee-colored pantry, with stainless steel appliances and a bar that can work to prepare food, but also as a breakfast area.

Dinning room

Its dining room consists of a rectangular table with space for eight white chairs, a horizontal mirror, a ceiling lamp with a very original design and several paintings.

The dining room of his new home is located right next to his kitchen (Carolina Sandoval/Instagram)

Living room

Its living room, which can be accessed from the garden thanks to a large window, is made up of three blue sofas, two glass tables, a rug, a colorful painting, a series of lamps and a huge plant.

The main room is equipped with everything necessary for family gatherings. (Carolina Sandoval/Instagram)

Television room

Its TV room, which enjoys a very nice view of the pool, is made up of several reclining cinema-style armchairs and a wall-mounted television, so they do not suffer from lack of comfort.

main bedroom

His bedroom has a large bed with light-colored bedding and a wicker headboard, as well as a ceiling lamp and a trunk made of the same material.

The bed is striking for its wicker base and headboard (Carolina Sandoval/Instagram)

The room is completed by a stool, a couple of bookcases, a chest of drawers, a full-length mirror and a wall-mounted television.

The chamber of ‘La Venenosa’ is not very large, but it is very well distributed (Carolina Sandoval/Instagram)


The garden has a terrace, with green areas, a children’s play area and a resort-style pool that lights up at night with the most diverse colors.

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