Video: Cartel de la Familia Michoacana breaks into a party and tackles people for not respecting their curfew

Cartel de la Familia Michoacana breaks into party and tackles people.

Photo: Video capture La Voz del Pueblo / Courtesy

Drug traffickers Cartel of the Michoacan Family (LFM) broke into a party Y beat everyone for “disobeying” the curfew that was imposed in the municipality of Ajuchitlan of Progress in the state of Guerrero in Mexico.

According to the complaints, the criminals of The Michoacan Family they appeared in a dance hall, where with total impunity they canceled the party and beat the organizers and waiters of the party with boards for breaking the curfew that they imposed in the shadow of the local authorities.

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Supposedly the criminals of the Cartel of La Familia Michoacana, weeks before they had already warned that they would not allow year-end parties.

In the scenes it is appreciated how the alleged criminals of the Cartel of La Familia Michoacana They pass people one by one and hit them in the buttock area repeatedly, in retaliation for not respecting the curfew they imposed.

The reasons why the criminals of The Michoacan Family They imposed the curfew are not clear but apparently they have to do with the fight they have with other criminal groups and thus detect people who are outside the territories they control.

So far the local authorities have not ruled on the matter nor explained how they can allow drug trafficking gangs to operate with practically total freedom.

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