VIDEO: Chayanne sends a funny message on TikTok for Mother’s Day

Puerto Rican singer Chayanne gave a pleasant surprise to his fans, as he made a fun video through his Tik Tok in honor of the celebration of Mother’s Day. What did the audiovisual consist of? Read on to find out.

With a smile on his face and the humor that characterizes him, the interpreter of “Torero” congratulated all the mothers on their special day from the comfort of your kitchen.

Chayanne appears in the audiovisual while shows off his culinary skills by preparing an egg omelette. However, he takes the opportunity to wish moms around the world a great day and ends by saying that he will be the one who will enjoy the day the most, because his food is “a delight.”

It didn’t take long before the famous feat went viral on social networks, because as we already know, the singer-songwriter he is considered “the father of many” thanks to his great popularity among women during the 1980s.

“Good morning dad”, “Dad is coming back, when do you say the tour ends?”, “You are the best”, “Thanks for making breakfast today dad” and “You are the best, adopt me”, are some of the comments that are read under his publication.

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