Video: China launches three remote sensing satellites to observe the Earth

This Thursday June 23, China successfully launched into space three new satellites of remote sensing from the Xichang Satellite Launch Center in Sichuan province.

The satellites were launched as the second batch of the Yaogan-35 family at 10:22 am (Beijing time) by a carrier rocket named Long March-2D.

There were no launch failures, so the artificial satellites were put into orbit as planned. The space mission of these devices will be to observe the Earth to carry out studies and prevent risks.

Why is China sending satellites into space and how will it use them?

These new space devices put into orbit will be used mainly for scientific experiments, the Chinese government said in a statement.

With these satellites, China plans to conduct land resource surveys, agricultural product yield estimation, as well as natural disaster prevention and reduction.

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The launch marks the 424th mission for the Long March series carrier rockets.

The last time China put a batch of three satellites into orbit was on the Yaogan-35 mission, carried out on November 6, 2021.