VIDEO: Christian Nodal gives Belinda’s ring in full concert to another woman

The hectic life of Christian nodaHe seems to have one more chapter, only this moment we do not know how much his beloved will like it Belinda. The story is peculiar, it involves a ring in between and yes, it was Nodal who gave it to a woman, again, but this was not Belinda.

And it is that, as we well know, Nodal He has become very fond of giving away expensive engagement rings that become the admiration and longing of millions of fans who follow him. Of course, so far the only owner of such gifts had been Belinda, but it seems that this exclusivity has ended.

It turns out that during a concert that Christian nodal He toasted a few hours ago, he took to walking in an area that was occupied by hundreds of fans who came to see and listen to him. At that moment, among the crowd, a delicate hand leaped that he took firmly and, amid the uproar, a very special garment of him was left with the beautiful lady. The problem is that this special garment is originally Belinda Peregrín.

An instant after the brief encounter, the fanatic of Nodal He showed in his social networks the singer’s ring that remained in his hand when he greeted him firmly. The girl responds to the name of Libia Gavica Farriols, has more than 55 thousand followers on Instagram and stands out for having been Queen of the 2020 Mazatlan Carnival.

It should be noted that the young woman is very beautiful and, physically, of certain physical characteristics similar to BelindaSince, like the singer, she has outlined features, light-eyed gaze and blonde hair.

Hours later, the girl explained the painful situation on social networks and prepared to clarify that Nodal’s ring had not been stolen. He even accepted that he had noticed it was a ring that he used as a gift from his girlfriend, since Belinda has used it publicly at various events.

To add to his good intentions, he contacted the people who handle the singer, explained what happened and asked for a meeting point to deliver the precious jewel that Nodal he accidentally gave her and she had to give back.

At the end of the day, there was a happy ending since the fan was able to return the ring that Nodal He gave it and it belonged to him, so the universe has returned to its equilibrium and a great displeasure for the couple of the moment was avoided.