VIDEO: Christian Nodal is ‘present’ in ‘The House of Celebrities’ and Natalia Alcocer mercilessly annihilates her physique

The name of Christian Nodal It has become a topic of conversation at an international level and without filters it has already become part of the chats of friends. Given this, “The house of the famous”is a place where its fame has not gone unnoticed and has even sparked controversy every time it is named.

As was the case with one of the most controversial contestants on this reality show, as is the case with host and model Natalia Alcocer, who in recent weeks has been one of the protagonists who remains in the midst of multiple controversies with Laura Bozzo and Ivonne Montero. But with the Peruvian it went further and became a constant coming and going of emotions that culminated in a truce for now between the two.

After Niurka’s departure and now with the spotlight on Ivonne Montero, Juan Vidal and Salvador Zerboni, Natalia had ceased to be the target of criticism, as it should be remembered that Laura had called her ‘husband stealer’which caused Alcocer to even express his desire to leave and his tears everywhere in the house.

But everything indicates that the situation would have changed and Natalia is out of the attacks between the participants, so she has a good time with her companions, so much so that it even gives him time to criticize other characters who are not inside the house in his spare time.

Natalia was caught on video speaking ill of the composer Christian Nodalof whom he said that he already looked overweight and criticized him for his physical form.

“You know you’re fat when you already have a slice in the back… you have to lose weight”, the former participant of Survivor Mexico expressed.

Some of his classmates laughed at the comment, but on social networks they did not like it very much, since several users regretted that he referred to the Mexican singer-songwriter in this way and they emphasized that when she has to receive criticism, she immediately reacts and accuses that they attack her, so she would not like them to do the same thing to her that she professes and they asked her for consistency.

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