VIDEO: Christian Nodal premieres another heartbreaking song, was he inspired by Belinda?

the mexican singer Christian Nodal He has not stopped the controversy since his commitment to Belinda ended, and for this reason, every time he releases a new song or publishes something on social networks, it becomes a trend and sparks speculation.

And this time was no exception, because after he revealed “Ya no somos, ni seremos” as his first single from his new album, Christian Nodal launched other songs such as “Aguardiente” and “Vivo en el seis”, now he released the most recent “Limón con Sal”.

The song “Limón con Sal” is part of “Forajido”, an album with which the Sonoran is in complete creative freedomafter arriving at a new label and expressing his emotion for revolutionizing the regional Mexican genre, although this piece is very close to the style with which it began.

This song does not have an official video yet. but the song on YouTube reaches more than 200 thousand views and is trending on said platform and little by little becoming the most listened to song of the moment.

Christian also reached the top positions on major charts with the song “Vivo en el seis”, a song composed by him, Edgar Barrera and Edén Muñoz, with whom he assured he remembers Vicente Fernández, due to the essence of the lyrics and their sounds.

During a live broadcast on Instagram, the singer announced that he would no longer shut up and that, if his followers wanted him to continue sharing moments of his private lifeHe would, but he also told all those who have criticized him for his actions to realize that he is just a 23-year-old who is learning every day.

He stressed that the second part of “Forajido” will be full of collaborations and songs that the public cannot imaginealthough he is also focused on other things such as his tattoo studio and a record label.

Regarding his former relationship with Belinda, Christian Nodal has stated that he no longer wishes to touch the subject, after having made a conversation with the actress of “Welcome to Eden” public.

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