VIDEO: Claudia Álvarez and the strong confession about her pregnancy

VIDEO: Claudia Álvarez and the strong confession about her pregnancy

After an unexpected announcement of her second pregnancy, the Mexican actress, Claudia Álvarez and her husband, Billy Rozvar announced that they would become parents of twins and recently, the protagonist of “Overcome heartbreak” She showed off her pregnant belly for the first time on social networks, in addition, He made a strong revelation that caused concern among his followers, so below we tell you everything we know about it.

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Through her official Instagram profile where the 39-year-old actress performed a dynamic to interact with her followers and the first thing they asked her was to show what her belly looked like, so the actress agreed to show it without any problem and shared a video in her stories to please her followers, who “asked a lot” to show her belly, according to the actress.

Between what you posted Claudia Alvarez He pointed out that, although he is very happy for the arrival of his two babies, he had a very bad time with the symptoms, he even assured that he thought he would die, which caused some concern among his almost three million followers on Instagram.

“At first I thought I was going to die, I swear. I was about to start filming the series I’m doing and I was going to cancel it, I was two minutes away from talking to the producer and telling him “I’m not going to be able to, I feel like a mess.”

From the time he woke up until he slept he brought the sensation of nausea and vomiting all the time, ”said the actress, who also said that this first and complicated stage was already in the past because they gave her medicine to avoid these symptoms.

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At the moment, it is unknown how many months of gestation the actress is, however, Claudia Álvarez shared some photos of her ultrasounds and took the opportunity to clarify the controversy that arose as a result of the announcement of her next maternity in which she was questioned if she could get pregnant naturally or if it was in vitro.

“They don’t know how many messages I have asking myself the same thing: if my pregnancy was natural or in vitro… it was in vitro. It is a very complex and very extensive subject where happy life I am going to talk to Dr. Gerardo Barroso to resolve all your doubts and concerns, you know that I have always been very open to talk about my process and why we made the decision that it was so ”.

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Finally, Claudia Álvarez commented that being pregnant with twins was also a fact that took her by surprise because she confessed that she and her husband only planned to have one more brother for little Kira.

“One thing that is very important for me to clarify right now is that no doctor can assure you that you can have a twin pregnancy. Billy and I only went for one, then we were fortunate that there were two, there is a 20% probability that a person who undergoes fertility treatment will result in a twin pregnancy ”.