Video: Couple has sex during a wagon ride in Colombia

The Cartagena authorities point out that this is not the first time something like this has happened.

Photo: Fat Siberian Kurts/Pixabay

A couple who was on vacation in Cartagena It was captured at the precise moment that they had sexual relations when they were riding in a calandria, cart or float through the streets of the city in the moonlight, weeks ago.

Visibly drunk, a group of friends hired the services of a calandria, which are carts pulled by a horse (prohibited in several countries due to the mistreatment of animals). They were taking their evening walk, when a man and a woman wanted to show their love.

A person traveling behind the cart noticed the scandalous scene and began to film the passion that overflowed the couple, while the other three people laughed and shouted. The driver who drives the horse-drawn vehicle turned around on several occasions surprised by the behavior of the tourists.

The float rides through the walled area of ​​the coastal city and regardless of the presence of tourists, the lovers continued demonstrating their love in front of the people who saw them pass by. At one point she is left without the top of her clothes.

Both the couple and their friends were not identified, since no one spoke to the police to report the obscene acts, It is only known that they were foreigners because only they are the ones who use the floats to get to know the city.

Some Colombian media pointed out that it is not the first time that such an act has happened, in 2018 also in Cartagena, another couple was discovered having sex on a hotel balcony located a few meters from the Clock Tower.

Local authorities have indicated that currently boyfriends or sentimental partners no longer have any shame and in front of people’s eyes they perform sexual acts without thinking that the cell phone cameras of the people who are watching them.

After the scandalous video went viral, municipal authorities They demanded that any person who is committing obscene acts on public roads will be referred to the police and will be punished for their bad deeds.

In addition, this video also served for the Attorney General’s Office to ask Mayor William Dau Chamat for a comprehensive care plan with which to guarantee the health conditions and good treatment of these animals, that are used in those floats or carts, or completely ban that supposed tourist attraction as has been done in other countries.

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