Video: Culiacán police tried to arrest Julio César Chávez Jr. while recording an Instagram Live in his car

Photo: Manuel Velasquez / Getty Images

Julio Cesar Chavez Jr. had a very bad time this Thursday afternoon: Culiacán police tried to stop him while he was in his car. The Mexican fighter was recording an Instagram Live when he was approached by the officers, so part of the arrest was documented.

Why are you arresting me, sir?“ asked Chávez Jr., without obtaining a solid response from the officers, who insistently asked him to get out of the vehicle to talk and they even told him that they are armed, as a reason to try to get “Julito” to make the decision to get out of the car.

The Mexican, who was with a companion, assured that he has just gotten up and that he came from his house.

You come with a decision that is wrong. I am getting up. They told you a lie, I don’t know if it was my dad or someone. I behave well“ the son of El Gran Campeón told the police, who apparently were unable to get the boxer to leave his armored Bentley.

Hours later, Chávez Jr. connected with his audience on Instagram to thank for the support received and also to offer details of his status, assuring on multiple occasions, through stories and a new live, that he “was fine”.

I want to thank all the people for supporting me, for being here with me always. Thanks thanks“, Jr. beging by saying. Then, he spent several minutes trying to explain, without giving details or specific names, his point of view of the situation.

Julio César Chávez Jr. believes that they raised a false order to stop him, and who also want to take advantage of the bad reputation he had in the past to “f*c*”, waiting for him to make a mistake. However, he never wanted to go into details of what happened.

I’m freaking out. I hope that the people who did it, with no intention of harming anyone, realize that what I did is the right thing to do. I didn’t do anything wrong. It’s living my life. People want to control my environment and my life, and that cannot be done“, he limited with confidence.

He closed his short broadcast by reiterating that he will return to the ring in the last week of February or in the first days of March, against a rival that has not yet been defined. He did assure that said combat will be in Sinaloa. After that, will try to finalize his clash against Youtuber Jake Paul.

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