VIDEO: Dallas man captivates by proposing to stewardess mid-flight in front of passengers

In complicity with the crew, Patrick managed to propose to his girlfriend.

Photo: STRINGER/AFP/Getty Images

Love is capable of moving heaven, sea and land to get closer to loved ones, that is how Patrick did it, a man who in the middle of a trip and in complicity with most of the crew, proposed to his girlfriend from the stewardess team.

Patrick decided that the American Airlines flight from Corpus Christi to Dallas, Texas, was the perfect setting to surprise his girlfriend Tadashi..

The lovesick gentleman asked a fellow passenger to press the call button for the stewardess, while the other flight attendant pretended to go to the bathroom. When Tadashi approached, being the only stewardess available, magic happened.

With a ring in hand, some beautiful words and nerves on edge, he knelt in front of all the passengers to make the long-awaited proposal, without hesitation Tadashi responded with a resounding… “Yes, I accept!”

This moment was immortalized by most of the passengers, but it was Allyssa Ralston, 33, who shared it.

It was a beautiful scene. You could tell that both were very nervous, it is not for less, it was a unique moment in their livesRalston said.

This proposal of marriage in the heights, makes remember another very peculiar proposal, in which a man on a mechanical game tells his girlfriend: “I was thinking of something. That I’ve reconsidered what we’ve talked about, will you marry me? ”, As she handed a box with the ring to the woman just as they reached the cusp of the mechanical game.

This caused that the woman will scream with excitement as she forcefully grabbed the ring box, in turn, her screams mixed with the adrenaline of the moment they were living on the roller coaster as they were about to descend.

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