VIDEO: Daniil Medvedev’s “tribute” to Cristiano Ronaldo in the Davis Cup

Daniil Medvedev led the Russian Tennis Federation to the Davis Cup final.


The Russian tennis player, Daniil Medvedev gave a token of his admiration to Cristiano Ronaldo after celebrating his last victory in the Davis Cup with one of the peculiar gestures that the footballer made after scoring his goals.

Medvedev, who qualified his team for the Davis Cup final after beating Jan Lennard Struf, made gestures that were not taken in the best way by the public Present.

The best tennis player in Russia according to the ATP ranking, he pointed and pointed a finger to the ground to indicate that he was there, present at the tournament and that he was continuing. Afterwards, he asked the stands for calm with his hands, and as it happened several times to Cristiano Ronaldo, he ended up being booed by the fans present.

“After the game, when I celebrate I like to do something fun. In our team, the funny thing is that when we play cards someone wins and they say, calm down, calm down. When Cristiano played for Real Madrid he did this, he celebrated it like that many times. So I decided to do it. I felt it was fun, but it might be a bad decision, ”said the Muscovite.

“It is clear that it is better when people support you, but if they don’t you have to win against them and also against the rival,” he added.

Medvedev made it clear that his celebration was not premeditated: “It’s something I don’t do on purpose. Everything I do, especially on the court, are pure emotions. In life I am calmer. On the track there is a lot of adrenaline. I hate to lose. There is less time to stop and think and I go full throttle. Sometimes it is not good. It’s a lot of adrenaline and everything I do, good or bad, is real. People should like it. “

“I don’t provoke the public on purpose. But when you play a game you are alone and there are 20,000 people who watch you. Sometimes against you, sometimes half. If I do, it is not to put them against them. It is something that I feel in that moment. You can see it in any sport, ”said the Moscow-born.

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