VIDEO: Danna Paola breaks the silence about her ex-partner, Eleazar Gómez

the mexican singer Danna Paola She has always behaved like a professional, and for this reason she broke her silence regarding her ex-partner’s recent statements eleazar gomezwho sent her a greeting and stated that he would like to do a collaboration with her.

Questioned on the subject minutes before boarding a flight at the Mexico City Airport, the pop singer did not want to remain silent and thus cleared up any doubts about the matter.

Eleazar Gomez, who has been approached numerous times by the media since leaving prison, He did not rule out the possibility of working with Danna Paola again and in passing he sent his regards. Given this, the interpreter of “Hey Pablo” took advantage of a few seconds before taking her flight to make her position clear before these statements.

The also actress apologized for the rush, since she declared that she was late for her flight; she, without stopping her step, limited herself to responding to the statements of her ex-partner; “That’s great. I’m so glad!”. When asked if she had already had some type of contact with him, her answer was negative. “No… thanks guys, I’m going to my flight, I love you.”

Regarding the possibility of collaborating together, the singer was clear in pointing out that she currently has no plans to work with someone.while ruling out putting on a play soon: “I have many plans in my music, so for me it is very complicated for me to do theater.”

Last week the actor Eleazar Gómez granted an interview to the press in which he referred to the time he spent in jailan experience that has marked him forever, but he is also grateful for this second opportunity that he has been given to continue with his life.

“Living an experience like this, of course there has to be a change, of course, either, for whatever it is, and how would I describe it, I think a calmer, more positive, conscious and happy Eleazar to have this new opportunity”declared before the cameras of the press.

It was last March 25 when Eleazar Gómez was released after being prosecuted for the crime of equated family violence against his then-partner Tefi Valenzuelaafter these events Televisa, the television station that saw him form and evolve as an actor, closed the doors to him by assuring that he would not support any type of violence.

Despite everything that has happened since his release from prison, Eleazar has assured on numerous occasions that he is convinced to continue his career as an actor, so he is already working on his next project, which, he said, will be theatrical. At the same time, she assured that she is also preparing to launch musical material.

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