VIDEO: Danna Paola stands out with her Mexican anthem performance at the Canelo vs. Charlo match

Danna Paola captivates with the anthem at Canelo's match, earning acclaim amid past performance missteps in the boxing arena.

In a star-studded evening at the T-Mobile Arena in Las Vegas, Mexican artist Danna Paola left an indelible mark with her rendition of the Mexican National Anthem. The highly-anticipated bout between Saúl “Canelo” Álvarez and American Jermell Charlo saw Paola confidently taking the stage, captivating an audience of 20,000.

A Night to Remember

Dressed in a sophisticated black ensemble that accentuated her poise, the Mexico City native delivered a heartfelt performance. Eschewing theatrical flairs and unneeded additions, the 28-year-old sang with genuine passion, often closing her eyes and letting the anthem’s words guide her. The audience’s response was electric, as many joined in, rendering it one of the most memorable anthem performances in sports history.

Here is the video of Danna Paola’s outstanding performance singing the Mexican anthem at the Canelo vs. Charlo bout:

As the last note lingered, Paola, also known for her hit “Mala Fama,” couldn’t contain her pride, exclaiming, “Mexico I love you!” and “Viva Mexico!” Her joy was palpable, a reflection of a job well done.

Mexico map with a smiley in the middle
You won the world to do good

It should be noted that another artist who also accompanied “Canelo” were the rappers Santa Fe Klan and Tornillo, who were also proud to show their Mexican roots.

In the 60th victory of his career, Mexican boxing star Saúl “Canelo” Álvarez defeated American Jermell Charlo on Saturday night by unanimous decision in Las Vegas and retained his super middleweight titles.

Incredible performance
Emphasizing the different between the interpretation of the national anthems

Social Media Buzz

The performance didn’t just resonate within the confines of the arena. Social media platforms were abuzz with praise for Paola, with many asserting it was among the finest renditions of the anthem. The challenges of performing the anthem are well known, with numerous artists faltering due to nerves or memory lapses. But on this night, Paola was flawless.

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The event also featured performances from rappers Santa Fe Klan and Tornillo, who, like Paola, wore their Mexican heritage with pride.

Canelo’s 60th Victory

While Paola’s rendition was undoubtedly a highlight, the main event saw Mexican boxing sensation Saúl “Canelo” Álvarez clinch his 60th career victory. He defeated Jermell Charlo in a unanimous decision, retaining his super middleweight titles.

Past Anthem Missteps

But not all performances have been as impeccable as Paola’s. The annals of boxing history have seen their fair share of anthem mishaps.

(Photo: Twitter/ESPN)
(Photo: Twitter/ESPN)

Jorge Alberto “Coque” Muñiz’s 1989 performance is particularly infamous. At the Plaza de Toros Mexico, just before a Maromero Paez fight, Muñiz jumbled the anthem’s lyrics, earning widespread derision. Reflecting on the blunder, Muñiz later revealed the error cost him a fine and forever scarred his professional reputation.

Ana Barbara, a regional music artist, has also faced criticism for her anthem renditions. During a 2012 Las Vegas match between Juan Manuel Márquez and Manny Pacquiao, she struggled with pitch and even relied on the audience to assist. Similarly, in 2021, Ángela Aguilar faced critique for her unusually slow-paced version of the anthem during a “Canelo” vs. Billy Joe Saunders face-off.

Regardless of past missteps, this night belonged to Danna Paola, whose impeccable performance will be remembered for years to come.