VIDEO: “Do not damage the car that belongs to my mother,” asked the thief when he was detained by citizens

Do not damage the car that belongs to my mother”Said a thief after an angry mob subdued him along with his accomplices in Medellín, Colombia.

In a video circulating on social networks was registered the moment in which a group of citizens destroyed the vehicle in which he was traveling after committing a crime.

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It all started with a robbery at a supermarket in the Buenos Aires neighborhood, but when the gang tried to escape with various objects such as the cash register, the residents of the area caught up with them.

The enraged people attacked the car in which the criminals were mobilizing with stones even in the images you can see how the windshield was completely destroyed.

Meanwhile, other indignant citizens called the police who went to the scene of the events and were able to capture the four subjects, including two minors, and they could recover the loot that moments before they had stolen.

What most caught the attention of this case was that while people were throwing objects at the vehicle, one of the thieves asked: “Do not damage the car that belongs to my mother.”

The subject was already inside the patrol of the agents ready to be taken to a police station, unleashing his fury against the vehicle.

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