VIDEO: Eduin Caz from Grupo Firme breaks down in tears in full concert when remembering his deceased brother

Firm Group continues to give something to talk about, and this time the vocalist of the famous group, Eduin caz, who continues to enjoy great success in regional Mexican music and has always shown confidence on stage, but this time he could not help but burst into tears when he remembered the death of whom he considered a brother.

The 27-year-old singer shared an unpublished video on his Facebook account, in which he can be seen at a concert where dedicates emotional words to Giovanni, who was his best friend and who was murdered after being kidnapped.

Eduin Caz points out that one of the most difficult songs for him to sing is that of “Neither money nor nothing”, since they recorded it while they were at Giovanni’s house where they spent all their time together since they were children.

“For me it is very difficult to sing it, I want to dedicate it to my brother, rest in peace. I miss you a lot. Enjoy life because there is only one life ”, Eduin Caz says while drinking a beer during his presentation.

On the death of the one he considered a brother, the singer said in an interview for el Gordo y la Flaca: “It is something delicate, he had a kidnapping, it was very difficult, I was always with him when I left the house, he is greatly missed. He always supported me ”.

The singer of “Ya supérame” has always been attached to his family and faithful to his audience, but also to his friends to whom he does not hesitate to show his affection at every opportunity.

As happened recently when he gave a car to his best friend, Rodolfo Tovar, an emotional moment that he shared on his Instagram account, although he could not personally deliver it for work reasons.

“This gift is sent by Eduin, more than anything he gives it to you for your friendship and loyalty, you know, from the beginning you are one hundred percent with him”, a subject is heard handing Tovar a bag.

Grupo Firme’s success

In sum, Grupo Firme has stood out not only in Mexico, but also internationally, In addition, it has received nominations for a variety of programs, among which the Premios Juventud, Premios de la Radio, Latin Grammy and Premio Lo Nuestro stand out, resulting in 2021 winners of the latter with five distinctions.

Let us remember that, since its creation in Tijuana in 2014, the group performed various musical pieces until creating its debut album entitled “Past, Present, Future”, which was made up of twelve songs that were not very successful.

However, the group rose to fame in 2018 by releasing the singles “Pídeme”, “El Roto” and “Juro Por Dios” and from that moment on, their international fame would be unleashed, so that same year they performed some musical tours in Colombia, in addition to that they managed to record a live album in that country called En Vivo desde Medellín Colombia.

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