VIDEO: Eduin Caz from Grupo Firme breaks the silence and talks about the kidnapping and death of his brother

The vocalist of Firm Group, Eduin Caz, is almost always happy on stage, in front of cameras or when he records a story for social networks, he is a happy man, but deep in his heart he still suffers for a loss he rarely talks about.

In an interview he offered for the show “El Gordo y la Flaca”, prior to the appearance of Grupo Firme at the 22nd edition of the Latin Grammys in Las Vegas.

The interpreter of “El Roto” said that sometimes when he is in one of the shows, although he is surrounded by people, success, fame and money, it is impossible for him not to remember a very special person for him who is no longer there. in this world.

It is about one of his best friends named Giovanni, whom he considered his brother. “It is something delicate, he was kidnapped, it was very difficult, I was always with him when I left the house, we miss him a lot, he was a disaster, like me “, confesses with a broken voice to the journalist Tanya Charry.

Eduin Caz says that four years have passed since Giovanni’s kidnapping and subsequent murder and he always remembers him happily.

“Since I was a child I knew him, I lived it in his house, in his parents’ house, he is not my blood brother, but I saw him as my brother, because I swear he took me with him every day, day and night. Not the money or anything. The song was recorded at home, every time I sing it in shows, in fact, lately I can’t sing it, it’s very difficult, the feeling wins me over because it is strange ”.

In the interview he also spoke about the “artist syndrome”, as he says that there comes a time when he feels lonely and that is why he tries to travel with his whole family.

The new projects of Grupo Firme

Grupo Firme recently premiered the first chapter of the new Vlog “La Firmemanía”, it is a series of videos where Mexican musicians share everything they live and what they go through during one of their most important tours in the United States entitled “Logrando lo imposible.”

The first episode is now available on their YouTube account. They share interviews with the Latin public that attended Grupo Firme’s events in the American Union.