VIDEO: Eduin Caz from Grupo Firme tackled a reporter from ‘El Gordo y la Flaca’ and threw him into the pool in the middle of the interview

prior to Firm Group will perform on the first of the two dates it will offer in Indio, California in the United States, as part of the Coachella festival in its 2022 edition, its famous vocalist Eduin Caz starred in an unexpected moment while having an interview with a famous entertainment program.

The Tijuana group made up of Mexican musicians AB Luna, Jhonny Caz, Joaquín Ruiz, Fito Rubio, Dylan Camacho, Christian Téllez and Eduin Caz, were very excited about their participation in the event.

This band has become famous for songs like “En tu perra vida”, “Ya supérame” and “El toxico”, they started their routine very early, They exercised, ate something healthy and continued with the process of getting ready to be very handsome in the show.

Before arriving at the place, the musicians had the opportunity to interact with the press, since They met them at the Google house to talk to the media about their feelings and everything related to their new projects. after his historic participation in this great event, where his participation was not broadcast as expected.

During the shift of the Univisión reporters, Eduin, vocalist of Grupo Firme tackled one of the reporters from “El Gordo y la Flaca” whom he sent to the pool, regardless of what they had in their hands like a microphone or cell phones.

In the video of the Chamonic3 Instagram account, it is seen that everything was left as a funny anecdote and the reporter was never bothered by Eduin Caz’s joke, Although in social networks, the singer was pointed out because according to the fans he was very heavy.

Eduin Caz has shown to have a very good relationship with all the media and considers several of them friendsabove all because they are a fundamental part of Grupo Firme’s development.

It should be remembered that Grupo Firme still has two days scheduled at the Foro Sol in Mexico City, it will be May 5 and 6. when the musicians perform at the famous venue where they already have a record as the artists with the most dates in a single tour.

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