VIDEO: Edwin Luna visits his former partner, Alma Cero by surprise

After the controversy that arose between Kim Flores and Edwin moon, the husband of the former member of “The House of the Famous”Edwin Luna shared on his social networks that although they have gone through a difficult time, their marriage with Kim is not ending, putting an end to the rumors of a separation due to the alleged infidelity of the Guatemalan.

Now everything seems to be honey on flakes in their relationship Since Kim left La Casa de los Famosos, the couple has been most romantic sharing moments together, So they did not miss the moment of going to see the musical “Today I can’t get up” that arrived in Monterrey.

However, his visit to this play caused a lot of controversy because the ex-wife of Edwin moonWe are talking about Alma Cero whom the singer of La Trakalosa de Monterrey would have cheated on with his current wife.

Edwin shared in his stories that he was present at the presentation of “Today I can’t get up” in Monterrey, but in none of his publications did he tag his ex-wife, however, he praised her work.

And it is that Edwin in one of his publications tagged Yahir and María León and congratulated “the entire cast” for the great work they do on stage, that includes his ex-wife Alma Cero.

Some users of social networks assure that Edwin went to see Alma Cero because he misses her, after Kim’s alleged infidelity, however, the leader of La Trakalosa de Monterrey was accompanied by his wife to see this staging.

Although they went together to see “Today I can’t get up”, Kim Flores She did not share anything on her social networks about the musical where her husband’s ex works.


Faced with the constant attacks on Edwin Luna, the leader of the Trakalosa de Monterrey in order to end the rumors and speculation about what will happen in his marriage, the singer shared a series of photographs in the company of his wife.

“The vida has different chapters, a bad chapter does not mean the end of the story “, it reads in Luna’s post.

In this publication Edwin appears only with his wife and implies that, although they have not had a good time since Kim entered and left La Casa de los Famosos, their marriage is not going to end as many have thought.

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