Video: Egan Bernal crashed into a bus in Colombia and suffered multiple serious injuries

Photo: Benoit Tessier / EFE

All Colombian cycling and sport suffers from Egan Bernal. The star cyclist of Team INEOS suffered the worst accident of his career while practicing in Zipaquirá: he suffered multiple fractures in the spine, legs and chest.

The accident occurred in Gachancipávia Bogota. Egan, along with the rest of his teammates, has been doing a camp in Colombia for days in preparation for the first competition that the Colombian had on the calendar.

The cyclists were practicing against the clock, a modality in which they manage to reach higher speeds. It is presumed that a speeding bus decided to stop to pick up passengers in the bike lane. Egan couldn’t dodge it in time and ended up colliding squarely with the back of the bus, taking the brunt of it.

The consequences of the accident are not encouraging at all. Egan Bernal suffered multiple very serious injuries: initially, patella and femur fracture according to the Colombian press.

Bernal was transferred to the University Clinic of La Sabana, who hours later gave an official medical report about his condition: “He suffered polytrauma with cervical trauma, chest trauma and fracture of the lower limbs“. As soon as possible, he was taken to the operating room to be operated on and stabilized.

The last of the reports by Juan Guillermo Ortíz Martínez, general director of the Clínica Universidad de La Sabana, compiles the series of surgeries to which the stellar Colombian cyclist underwent:

  • Osteosynthesis of a femur fracture.
  • Osteosynthesis of patella fracture.
  • Thoracostomy with drainage due to hemopneumothorax secondary to chest trauma.
  • In addition, by the time the report was released, Egan Bernal was undergoing surgery again, this time in the thoracic spine.

    Team INEOS has no updates on his status. New details are expected from the clinic in question to know the evolution and diagnosis of the Colombian.

    Days ago, Egan Bernal and the rest of his teammates had a scare when a car came close to hitting them at high speed.

    Let’s hope for a quick and successful recovery for Bernal, who in his plans for 2022 had to fight again for the crown in the Tour de France, the most prestigious stage tour in the world.