VIDEO: Eleazar Gómez finally talks about his victim of aggression, Tefi Valenzuela

The Mexican actor and singer, Eleazar Gomez resumes his career as a singer and actor, as well as his various activities after leaving prison last March where he was held after beating Tefi Valenzuela, who was his girlfriend, in an apartment in Mexico City. Now the also model is in Monterrey to promote his new single.

During an interview with “Ventaneando”, Gómez was happy to return to work, as well as for the promotion of his first single called “De Cero”. He announced that by the beginning of next month he will publish a second song entitled “Contigo”.

At the same time, The actor responded to allegations about an alleged plastic surgery, saying that he has not undergone surgery, but understands that his followers and the media see a change in his appearance, which may be due to the fact that he is more at peace and quiet.

During your visit to the Sultana del Norte, Eleazar Gomez He was able to live with a group of followers who showed their support after the difficult moment because the one he went through in prison and the recovery period after obtaining his freedom.

One of the conditions for the actor upon his release from the North Prison is that he could not give any public statement regarding to the subject of Tefi Valenzuela so he only limited himself to answering questions regarding his new single and his work.

While he was imprisoned, some celebrities issued statements against him, such as Alicia Machado who described him as a “jerk” or those of his ex-girlfriend Danna Paola. However, Gómez also limited himself to touching on these issues, which is why he concluded the interview in the face of these questions.

“I have nothing to say about it”, were the words with which Eleazar ended the interview, but not before sending a kiss to the cameras. Before entering what looks like a hotel, the actor took the time to take a picture with a follower who was there.

It should be remembered that in November 2020 it was announced that the actor Eleazar Gomez He tried to strangle Stephanie Valenzuela and it was the neighbors who notified the authorities when they heard the Peruvian’s cries for help, which happened in an apartment in the Naples neighborhood, in Mexico City.

The actor was arrested and Valenzuela, at the time, filed a complaint for violence. By March 2021, Gómez was released from prison and was on probation for three years, after the model accepted reparation and he admitted his guilt.