VIDEO: Enrique Iglesias announces the last album of his career and will do it with Ricky Martin

The renowned Spanish singer, Enrique Iglesias has caused a sensation and has positioned himself at the center of the spotlight after announcing that the album he is working on will probably be the last of his career.

Something that has undoubtedly caused sadness and shock in its thousands of fans, because Enrique Iglesias has established himself as one of the most successful Spanish-speaking artists in history.

The Spanish artist has just announced that he is currently working on the album called “Final”, with which he could say goodbye to his role as a singer who makes record releases.

Even though very little is known about this new album, The truth is that it has already been ensured that collaborations will appear alongside great artists who have also left an outstanding legacy within Spanish music, such is the case of Ricky Martin and Sebastián Yatra.

The last album of Enrique Iglesias was announced during a press conference alongside Ricky Martin and Yatra, with whom Julio Iglesias’ son will tourHowever, during the virtual conversation, the famous person revealed his decision to retire after 25 years of career.

According to the singer’s own statements during this virtual conference, making a last album is not something he has thought about recently, but something he has reflected on for a couple of years.

It is an album of which there will be volume 1 and volume 2, but it is the end and it is something that I have thought for years, I am at that moment in my life in which I consider that it is the right moment to do it, because I have thought about this since 2015 ″, Enrique Iglesias said.

Although the news that he is making his latest album is sad for the fans of the famous Spanish artist, the truth is that Julio Iglesias’ son pointed out that he is about to release his latest album does not mean that he is going to retire from the music industry.

“I will never stop making music, I will never stop writing songs because I love writing songs, but I will do it in a different way; they do not necessarily have to be in an old package that is an album “, said the famous.

In short, the famous artist from “Do not say no to me” He assured that this tour will be important for him, because together with Ricky Martin and Yatra he will visit many cities, practically all the United States and Canada.

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