Video: Erik Rubín and Apio Quijano kiss that would have triggered the artist’s separation from Andrea Legarreta

Discover the truth behind the end of Erik Rubín and Andrea Legarreta's marriage and the controversy surrounding Erik's show with Apio Quijano. Learn what they had to say about the viral 'kisses' on stage.

The end of the marriage between Erik Rubín and Andrea Legarreta generated all kinds of reactions. The controversy is the main factor profiting from one of the most popular Mexican celebrity relationships. For this reason, the virality of the show presented by the former Timbiriche with Apio Quijano continues to cause a stir.

Erik Rubín and Apio Quijano starred in a “romantic moment” in the 90’s Pop Tour Video: TikTok/@los40veracruz

“Today, we have decided to share something very personal… A decision that has not been easy and that we made more than 5 months ago, and we want to share it with those who have accompanied us throughout our lives, in our careers, in our personal, couple and family history…” shared the former couple before the most commented controversy in social networks in recent days.

After the “kisses” that the singer presented in his shows with the member of Kabah, Erik Rubín announced the end of the tour, which was the stage for the controversy that now haunts him: the 90s Pop Tour. “My farewell, Monterrey. See you there,” he wrote on his Instagram account, causing theories about his departure relating to his partner.

(Photo: Instagram)
(Photo: Instagram)

Although the famous tour and concept created by Ari Borovoy, a member of OV7, will end its new facet, fans of the former member of Timbiriche have speculated on social networks that everything would be revolving around Federica Quijano’s brother since his viral show despite having seniority, has been considered by more than one as one of the arguments why the host of Hoy decided to announce the end of her marriage.

“Very casual comes the end of her participation in the 90s Pop Tour after all the show made around Apio Quijano and that dance with ‘kisses'”. “I don’t like the idea that he is leaving right now when everyone is waiting to see what happens with him or his work, but we all feel that Timbiriche’s fans have something to do with the kiss with Kabah. “Or there really is something they don’t want to tell us or if the separation from Legarreta is affecting him and precisely that homoerotic moment where Benny Ibarra could also be splashed, literally another Timbiriche,” said Internet users.

Erik Rubín on his kiss with Apio Quijano

(Photo: Instagram)
(Photo: Instagram)

With a short video on Instagram, the singer of “No Para De Llover” assured everyone that the alleged kisses he and Apio give each other on stage at the 90s Pop Tour concerts are just part of the show.

“Hey, is it true? I ended my marriage because now I have a relationship with Apio… because at one point in the show, we sing to each other, get close, and pretend to kiss. Gentlemen, it’s a show! It’s something that Celery himself also does with Benny, and they get close. They touch each other, and they hug. It’s something we do with each other as performers, as singers. The same thing happened with my partner Melissa a few months ago, the same thing: we get close, we sing, we hug… so, ‘sure they have something to do,'” said the singer.

The singer assured that the alleged kiss with his colleague was only an act.

Andrea Legarreta has also commented on the controversy, assuring that both Apio and Melissa from JNS have nothing to do with her decision and announcing the end of her marriage to Erik Rubín.

“It’s absurd, and it’s apart from the truth… I have tried to see almost nothing or nothing. When I come across something, it’s because maybe I went to the networks, and boom, there was the note. The truth is that it seems to me that there are people who are very bad. It seems to me that there are very cruel people without empathy. Maybe their life stories have been hard, cruel, and painful, or they have had betrayals. They prefer to say, ‘see, how love does not exist’ or ‘see how it was not real, see how it was faked, or ay, how good it happened to him,'” he said about the “haters” who claim that between the former Timbiriche and the brother of Congresswoman Federica Quijano, there is something more than friendship.