VIDEO: Ex-girlfriend of Christian Nodal confesses that he dedicated a song to him at his concert

VIDEO: Ex-girlfriend of Christian Nodal confesses that he dedicated a song to him at his concert

Last weekend, despite all the adversities, Christian nodal Yes, he was able to perform in Baja California, where he lived part of his adolescence and where he met Lisa Macías, the ex-girlfriend for whom he composed the famous song of Te failed.

A few months ago, Lisa came out to tell her story with Christian nodal on Tiktok where he showed proof of his relationship with Belinda’s now fiancé.

What’s more, Nodal’s ex-girlfriend told how the singer wrote “I failed you”, and it is that apparently Belinda’s now fiancé was very flirtatious in his adolescence because he was unfaithful to her and then he regretted it, but they could no longer resume their relation.

It is this same woman who attended her ex-boyfriend’s concert last weekend in Baja California and was accompanied by some of her friends and it was on her social networks where she told about her experience of seeing who her boyfriend was already consecrated as artist.

And it is that Lisa assures that she felt a lot of emotion when remembering everything he told her when they went to school together and seeing him standing on a stage fulfilling his dream.

Also, Lisa revealed that the moment she performed the song she dedicated to her, she felt very cool that millions of people sang a bit of her story with Nodal.

During her story, Lisa said that there was a moment when she stopped and one of the reflectors focused on her (her and many other people) and while playing with her hands, Nodal smiled at her and stopped her gaze for about ten seconds, which made it inevitable that the famous singer did not realize that his ex-girlfriend was there.

And although Lisa had an incredible time, she does not have photos or videos of the exact moment she and her ex-boyfriend Christian Nodal made eye contact, but she says it was a very special moment.

That does ensure that he no longer feels romantic for Nodal because he already has a life made like her, but he is very proud to have been part of his life.

A few months ago, the interpreter of “The scoundrel”, “Bottle after bottle” and “Tell me how you want” surprised all the followers on social networks after deleting all his photographs on Instagram, so fans speculated that it was due to his breakup with Belinda.