VIDEO: Fan accuses Christian Nodal of breaking his promise and not helping her with her brain tumor

Christian Nodal He has always been characterized by doing things to help his fans, and after fulfilling a promise to a former teacher to buy him a vehicle, apparently the interpreter of ‘Botella after bottle’ promised something else with one of his fans, It’s just that he didn’t keep what he promised.

This situation was revealed in the program ‘First Hand’, where a fan of the representative of the Mexican regional confessed that seeing that her mother required three expensive surgeries, He decided to ask some of his idols for help, hoping that one of them would respond.

To his surprise, It was Belinda’s ex-fiancé who contacted her and sent her a private message to learn more about the health status of the lady in question.

So after telling him that his mother had a brain tumor that required three surgeries, The interpreter of “Goodbye love” did not hesitate to commit to helping her with almost 50 thousand dollars.

Nevertheless, Time passed and Christian Nodal did not contact the fan again, who tried to get the interpreter to answer the messages again, until one day she realized that the singer had blocked her.

After this, Nodal’s fan did not hold a grudge against the singer, because she was aware that it was not his obligation to take care of her mother’s medical expenses, although she did say she was surprised that in the end the help was not achieved, since he showed great interest in supporting them.

Even the mother of the Nodal fan wished the singer blessings, since, although in the end he could not help them, he was one of the first to contact them to give them a little hope.

Currently, The lady in question still requires two major brain surgeries, for which they continue to launch campaigns to support their cause on social mediawhere some celebrities have already contacted her daughter, either by giving her autographed shirts or other types of props so she can pay for her mother’s operations.

It should be noted that one of the hosts of the show program in which the news was announced, He explained that it was possible that the person to whom Christian Nodal assigned the diligence of helping this family was the one who ended up forgetting that he had a commitment due to some kind of carelessness.

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