VIDEO: Feid continues to perform after a hard fall at the start of his Nitro Jam Tour in Madrid

After the fall, although he needed stitches, the urban artist Feid thrills Madrid with Nitro Jam Tour's debut.

After being one of the great figures during the Velada III organized by the streamer Ibai Llanos, the Colombian singer Feid began his Nitro Jam Tour in Europe, and his first presentation was in Madrid; however, the singer did not have the best start because he suffered a hard blow on stage.

El Ferxxo, as he is also known, is one of the most important artists of the urban genre, and several of his songs have millions of plays on different digital platforms. The ‘Ferxxo Nitro Jam Tour’ was a success in Latin America and the United States, so now it was the turn for the old continent.

The appointment was at the WiZink Center in Madrid, where all Ferxxo fans were present to enjoy some of the Colombian’s greatest hits such as ‘Hey mor,’ ‘Si tu Supieras,’ ‘Friki,’ ‘Vacaxiones,’ ‘Normal,’ ‘Yandel 150,’ among many others.

As anticipated a few days ago, the concert was sold out, and the Colombian performed in front of thousands of people in Madrid, his first stop in the old continent. When he was performing the song ‘Normal,’ considered one of his greatest hits, the Ferxxo stepped on one of the stage grids, and it fell, causing his leg to hit the edge.

All the attendees noticed the event, but the paisa singer continued his presentation without stopping, despite the hard blow to his left leg. It was only after the concert ended that Feid could be attended, and in several of his Instagram stories, he confirmed that he was fine, and although he needed stitches, the blow was not serious.

Feid himself posted the video of his fall and took it with grace. On the other hand, the Ferxxo’s show in Madrid received very good comments, even one of the big surprises that the Colombian had for the Spaniards was the presence of Ozuna, the Boricua was on stage performing the song ‘Hey Mor’; but things did not end there since Quevedo and Saiko also took the stage, who sang ‘Polaris Remix.’

After his presentation in Madrid, Feid will now perform at the Plaza de Toros in Murcia (July 6), Marina Sur in Valencia (July 7), the Palau Sant Jordi in Barcelona (July 9), in Fuengirola (July 16), in Chiclona de la Frontera (July 20), in Bilbao (July 21) and in Asturias (July 23).

Feid breaks it down at the Velada de Ibai.

The Velada del Año III was a complete success in numbers, and again the Spanish streamer Ibai Llanos broke audience records on the Twitch platform. Several boxing matches and musical performances thrilled the more than 70 thousand spectators at the Cívitas Metropolitano stadium and the more than 3.4 million users who watched the event on Twitch.

One of the guests was Feid, who came out on stage and performed his song ‘Si Te Te La Encuentras Por Ahí,’ ‘Polaris,’ ‘El Cielo’ and ‘Classy 101′. Also, when Ozuna was on stage, he came up again, but this time to perform the song ‘Hey mor.’

One of the most iconic moments of the evening was when Feid surprised Ibai with a gift, “My God repay Ibai, come on I thank everyone (…) hey my boy, see what he brought you. Officially baptized,” mentioned the Ferxxo while he gave Ibai the iconic ‘Ferxxo’ glasses, an accessory that the renowned streamer did not hesitate to use immediately.