VIDEO: Galilea Montijo fans show possible evidence that he could flee Mexico

The situation of the host of “Hoy”, Galilea Montijo, still does not find an end, because he has been greatly affected by what the Mexican journalist, Anabel Hernández published in her new book “Emma and the other ladies of the narco”, because there she pointed out that the tapatia would have sustained an affair with one of the most dangerous and wanted drug lords in the world, Arturo Beltrán Leyva.

And it is not the only scandal in which she has been involved in the last months of this year, as it has also been linked to the legal problems that currently afflict the also driver, Inés Gómez Mont.

For the above, The businesswoman shared a video in which she spoke about the recent investigation carried out by journalist Anabel Hernández and her alleged relationship with the former driver of Ventaneandor, a fugitive from justice for various tax crimes.

In the recording, shared on his account on Instagram, Galilea Montijo assured that she has no financial relationship with Inés Gómez Mont, despite the fact that weeks before the accusations she had several photographs with her.

What’s more, The presenter of “Hoy” strongly denied any type of relationship with the former criminal leader, Arturo Beltrán Leyva, who allegedly helped her free her sister accused of drug possession.

Severely sad and tearful, the also model assured that she has always worked under the culture of “effort” and it hurts all the transcendent that have arisen towards her figure since they affect her family, her husband and her son.

As expected, the recording immediately went viral; However, Internet users assured that Galilea Montijo, one of the most successful celebrities in the country, left an important clue about her plans for the “future” or at least they speculated.

Users on Twitter detailed that the star host of the Televisa morning revealed that her closet is completely empty since behind her. no clothing or shoes are observed.

In this sense, The followers of the Guadalajara affirmed that possibly Galilea Montijo does have plans to leave the country and therefore has nothing in his closet. Others pointed out that it is possibly so that the looks are focused on her and not on the luxuries that she can have.

It should be remembered that, A few days ago, it unofficially emerged that Galilea Montijo’s husband and son was no longer living with her due to the alleged legal problems that she might face; however, the information has not been confirmed so far.

For now, the television star remains firm as one of the hosts of the Hoy program because even a few days ago she was confirmed as part of the cast of next 2022.

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