Video: German coach was expelled from Tokyo 2020 after hitting a horse

Video: German coach was expelled from Tokyo 2020 after hitting a horse

The event occurred in the final of the women’s modern pentathlon of the Olympic Games.

Photo: PEDRO PARDO / AFP / Getty Images

A gesture from a German coach generated the rejection of the spectators and outrage in the modern pentathlon of the Olympic Games Tokyo 2020. Kim Raisner was disqualified with a black card after beat his horse because he refused to go out to compete. The German finished in tears.

The coach’s frustration was exploited in the worst way. Saint Boy (the horse), refused to compete in the women’s final of the modern pentathlon. This caused Kim Raisner to explode into the specimen and punch him. The images were widely disseminated on social networks and generated outrage from users.

In this sense, International Union of Modern Pentathlon (UIPM) disqualified the German with a black card. In this sense, the coach was left out of the competition and ended her participation in the Tokyo 2020 Olympic Games.

Your action is considered a violation of the UIPM competition rules applicable in all competitions recognized by the organization, including Olympic Gamesโ€œ, Expressed the Executive Committee of the UIPM, in a statement.

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