Video: Girls organize wild party with a pool full of alcohol in a New York subway car

A booze-filled party got out of control on the New York City Subway.

Photo: Mario Tama/Getty Images

A New York City subway car became the scene of an impromptu party, with women twerking in bikinis, drinking alcohol and sliding on the floor.

The dancers, believed to have been on an L-train, jumped from passenger to passenger while pausing to play in a homemade wading pool they set up and taking turns on a homemade slide.

Several videos on social networks showed different moments of the party, including a shirtless man with dwarfism joining the action, as well as a kind of fighter.

In the images, the women can be seen twerking with several passengers while the partygoers pass bottles of alcohol that are poured into the mouth, although naturally, drinking alcohol is prohibited on the subway.

The party also featured a homemade slide on the ground with which the attendees slid over and over again, while the guests took turns throwing themselves on the plastic.

So far it is unknown why the party was held or if it was promotional in nature, but at one point a man holds up a sign that says “viral exposure” among the dancers.

Several laid out their thoughts in social media posts; one user on Twitter pointed out the possible medical ramifications of the party saying “monkeypox will thrive,” citing the emerging danger of the new virus.

“The journey in most chaotic train story,” tweeted a disapproving digital viewer along with a separate clip of the underground party.

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