Video goes viral in which Arath de la Torre “mistreats” Carmen Salinas and the networks enrage

A new controversy arose around the actor and comedian Arath of the tower, who is accused of having given a bad treatment to the first actress Carmen Salinas placeholder image when he went to the forum of the program “Hoy” to promote his new telenovela “My fortune is loving you.”

Just days after leading lady Carmen Salinas was hospitalized for a brain stem hemorrhage, Internet users have asked to cancel the protagonist of “Dr. Cándido Pérez “for the treatment he gave to Doña ‘Carmelita” on one of his visits to the morning show he hosts.

The video of the uncomfortable moment went viral through social networks and in it Both celebrities are appreciated while they talk about the new project headed by the “Aventurera” producer., the melodrama “My fortune is loving you.” Everything was going well until the famous man began to “make fun” of the cast that makes up this story:

“Oh yeah you did your homework, now tell us about your memes. Well, now tell us a bit about your character “Arath de la Torre told Carmen Salinas under the bewildered gaze of Andrea Legarreta, who also interviewed the lead actress.

The uncomfortable moment did not go unnoticed by Internet users, who did not hesitate to launch themselves against the comedian and even ask the production of the morning show to fire him:

“It seems disrespectful and vulgar to me. Take it out ”; “Always rude, conceited”; “Does anyone else still think that Arath Dela Torre doesn’t fit into the TODAY program? It comes out with every simplada out of tune !! “ and “Arath de la torre always wanting to be funny, hopefully next year he won’t be in the program! Always impertinent ”, are some of the comments that are read on social networks.

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