Video: Golden retriever puppy goes viral for showing off his luxurious and cozy mansion

A dog of the golden retriever breed conquered the nets with his spectacular two-story house.

Photo: Chip Girl / TikTok / Pixabay

A puppy of the golden retriever breed went viral on TikTok for the ‘house tour’ he did of his two-story house, which It has all the comforts that we can imagine.

Through a video, lasting 19 seconds, the tender dog took us to know even the most intimate corner of his home, located in a little piece of the garden of the mansion of its millionaire owner.

The kennel, which is a copy of the house of his mistress, not only attracts attention for its interiors, but also for its exterior design, having a ladder and a slide connecting both floors, as well as a balcony, with large windows and a facade that simulates being lined with stone, which gives it a touch of elegance.

The tour of his mansion began on the ground floor, where he has a living room with two gray sofas, two cream-colored stools, an elegant carpet and a television screen. As with his mistress, the beautiful dog put his colorful Christmas tree there.

The tour continued on the second floor, where it has a very comfortable bed, a refrigerator, a small living room and a balcony overlooking the garden and with access to a fun yellow slide.

Such is the majesty of the property that some users of social networks did not hesitate to point out that the dog lives in better conditions than they do.

“When the little dog has a better house than mine” or “That is bigger than my house”; “When would you rather be a dog”; “Do you need another dog? I can bark and give the paw “, reads some of the comments.

The video of the ‘house tour’ is not the only one in which Chip has shown us his cozy home, because on other occasions he has allowed us to see how much he enjoys sharing that space with another dog of the same breed, who is his faithful companion of adventures.

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