Video: Guaynaa and Lele Pons marry, and the biggest names in entertainment join the wedding

This weekend Lele Pons and Guaynaa held a party for the celebration of their marriage. In turn, Internet users have expressed their amazement at the number of personalities from the entertainment world who attended, as the videos and photos have not been long in coming on the social network of the little camera.

The love story between Guaynaa and Lele Pons began in 2019 when both met in a photo shoot with the collaboration of some mutual friends they managed to continue to coincide to see each other more frequently, and one of those involved was Sebastián Yatra. In turn, it was in July 2022 when the couple decided to get engaged.

Guaynaa proposed to Lele Pons during the Tomorrowland festival, to which Lele said yes and shared the emotional moment on her Instagram stories. Paris Hilton was among the personalities at the festival and Lele posted a photo with her captioning it “Paris Hilton definitely one of my godmothers.” Lele Pons has previously revealed that she had to start getting along with Guaynaa’s father to get together with him.

Last Saturday, March 4 was the day in which they both decided to say “yes I do”, and later they celebrated with their loved ones and closest acquaintances who also supported this union. In addition, Internet users were surprised to see the large number of personalities from the entertainment world who were present.

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On February 4, Pons shared a particular publication where she wanted to interact with her more than 51 million followers that she has on the social network of the little camera, and she asked them who they thought would be possible guests. Afterward, she answered with a yes or no as they answered.

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However, many were perplexed to see the videos that began to circulate last Saturday afternoon, as there were many audiovisuals that were seen in the profiles of the artists, and some of the attendees were:

Greeicy, Camila Cabello, DJ Pantoja, Paris Hilton, Natti Natasha, Becky G, Kim Loaiza, Sebastián Yatra, Aitana, Mau y Ricky Montaner, Lola Indigo, Steve Aoki, Anitta, Chayanne, Natalia Jiménez, Manuel Turizo, J Quiles, Adamari López, among others.

Natti Natasha and Becky were some of the ones in charge of stealing the show because they took some microphones and remembered a musical theme that in 2018 was very popular because it is ‘Sin Pijama’, a single that undoubtedly got more than one to dance at the celebration of the newlyweds.

Another of the most striking moments of the night was when Chayanne asked her to dance to ‘Tiempo de Vals’, a classic in musical history, while she was shocked to have shared that wonderful moment with her uncle-in-law.