Video: He took advantage of a distraction in a Monte Grande ice cream parlor to weigh his baby and went viral

The unusual event occurred in an ice cream parlor in Monte Grande and went viral. “I thought it was a funny and cute moment, it was something very innocent,” said the owner.”

A woman became viral in the last few hours for a maneuver she did in an ice cream parlor when the saleswoman was distracted. No, she did not steal anything or try a taste behind the employee’s back. What she did was much more curious: as can be seen in a video that flooded social networks, the client took advantage of the moment and weighed her baby on the same scale that ice cream is weighed on .

The incident occurred in Monte Grande , in the suburbs of Buenos Aires. In the images, you can see how after ordering the tastes of ice cream for purchase, she is putting the child on the scale, similar to those of pediatricians, to check the infant’s weight.

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At that moment the employee turns around and sees the situation, but laughs and continues preparing the order. Mom smiles too and continues. 

After checking how many kilos the little girl weighed, the woman picked her up and put her back on her chest as if nothing had happened.

But not everything was there. Because the Vera Neve ice cream parlor, located on Calle General Rodríguez 305 in Monte Grande, decided to share the filming of the moment on Tik Tok and in a few hours it received more than 4 million views and many likes. Then he moved to other social networks and comments of all kinds arrived, both criticism of the woman and jokes about the situation.

“It seemed like something serious, but the truth is that it seemed like a funny and tender moment, it was something very innocent,” said José Faurio, manager of the premises and who first published the video, in dialogue with El Diario Sur.

There he said that “the place is disinfected every hour with alcohol and bleach” and that is why they were not worried “from the point of view of hygiene because later” they cleaned it.

It was a very innocent situation that has nothing evil. In fact, everyone jumped to defend the mother in the comments of the video,” explained the manager of the Vera Neve ice cream parlor.

The truth is that the mother, whose name is unknown, was finally able to check her daughter’s weight and gave social network users a few seconds of fun.

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