VIDEO: Horacio Palencia confirms that Christian Nodal’s breakup with Belinda is final “they already had problems”

The entertainment world was shocked after the Mexican Christian Nodal revealed that he had ended his relationship with the controversial interpreter of Spanish origin, Belindaafter making an announcement on social networks, in which he even went so far as to say that, if he knew the truth, the also actress would be the most affected, and with it would give way to rumors about the alleged greed of Belinda for the sonorense’s money.

This caused a stir among the Mexican media and fans, because at the moment everything has been said about what the fate of the expensive ring would be, as well as the existence of some infidelity, the singer’s tattoos, but among all the wave of controversies ; The singer and composer Horacio Palencia, who would be one of Nodal’s close friends and Belinda herself, spoke about speculation about the reasons for the breakup.

Since after announcing the separation the only one who has spoken about the end of his commitment, has been Nodalwhile Belinda was caught running away from reporters at the airport days after the announcement.

With this scenario as a frame of the situation, Horacio Palencia, who is a friend of the singers and has worked alongside Belinda, confessed in an interview for the First Hand program that he learned of the couple’s breakup days before the official announcement on social media.

“I found out in fact before the breakup happened, I already knew that there were some problems, but no way, they are cycles that are closed”Palencia explained.

The singer-songwriter assured that everything seems to indicate that the outcome is definitive: “As far as I know, the termination is final. We didn’t get to have a wedding, no way. That’s what love is like… the important thing here is that, if they’re over, maybe it’s because things didn’t happen, maybe a new partner will come for each one with whom they’re happy.”

Despite saying that he knew of some “problems”, Horacio refused to reveal the true reasons for the thunder between Nodal and Belinda: “Everyone has their fights, they decided to end. All I can say is that I wish them the best of luck.”

Finally, the artist said that he already has a theme for Belinda, but he does not know if she will want to record it at this time: “It’s nothing else that she gives herself time to put voice, but the song is beautiful”.

She added that it is a love song, so due to the situation, she pointed out that she does not know if she wants to sing a love song at this time.

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